Best Spanking Positions

Best Spanking Positions

There is some hot debate over what exactly is the best position for spanking your partner. There are a number of basics though, you should position your spanking partner in such a way that they are bending over with their perfectly rounded rump up in the air.

The most popular spanking positions require no props or equipment and they are are:

  • Bent Over your Knee’s – Which is often called the “Naughty School Girl” or “Naughty School Boy”.
  • Doggy Position -Your partner should be on their hands and knee’s, which is basically the “Doggy Position” for sex.
  • Leaning Against A Work Top – This is often call the Bar Maid, which is basically leaning against a work top or other slighting bent over so your partners bum juts out.

You can also use props or equipment to get different positions which allow you to spank different areas of the bottom. A chair, worktop, sofa, wall or any object that can be leaned on to give easy access to the backside is suitable.

You can even get some filthy public spanking in, by having your partner lean over a freezer in the supermarket, leaning against the bar in a pub, for that added thrill.

Its often best to start with the most comfortable position, and one that allows your arms freedom of movement. This allows you to gain some swing, either to tease your partner, or to actually gain momentum to make it hard and product that lovely slapping sound. You can use oils, lubes or water to increase the slap/crack sound without making the slaps essentially harder, so that’s worth bearing in mind for newbies.

I personally find that doggy position on the edge of the bed is the best position. This position allows you to stand by the bed to gain extra momentum, clear and good access, plenty of room to swing, pick up different objects such as lube, lotion or different spankers.

This position also allows you easy access for oral sex, sexual intercourse or using toys, butt plugs or whatever tickles your fancy really.

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