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Equipment for Spanking

Spanking Paddle

Spanking Paddle Under £10

The option of what tools, floggers, spankers or paddles to use for spanking a curvy bottom is pretty varied and large, there are many spanking tools out there.

There are the obvious whip and paddle, but there are tawse, canes and even the humble hand, which is really where you should start this journey into spanking.

Using the hand allows for so many variations from open handed, to cupped hand to fingers spread to together, each one changing the stimulation, you also get to feel the connection as well.

You can play with warming your hand up, or cooling your hand down, using lubes on your hand for different sensations.

You should avoid going at your partners bottom like a crazed nutter and start off gently maybe during foreplay, use his or her reaction to gauge if you should spank harder.

Most men and women enjoy spanking to some extent, you just need to work out exactly when, how much spanking, how hard and with what tool your partner requires it.

Spanking is a fantastic gateway activity, which can lead you into your very own 50 shades of grey boudoir fun.

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